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Narcelles Clan

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Brief History of the family

The family name Narcelles Originated from our great great great grandfather who originated from LUNA LA UNION, formerly know as NAMAKPAKAN. All families that originated from this place agreed to change their last names with names starting with the letter N, hence the name, NARCELLES. It is therefore accurate to conclude that anyone with the last name NARCELLES or anyone related to this last name is a relative and belongs to this clan.
From Luna La Union, our grandfather migrated to Rosario La Union and helped build this small town. Lolo Mariano Narcelles, father of our Lolo Teogenes, was the Secretary and the Treasurer of the town since he was the only one educated unlike the Mayor and the other officers who were lacking in education and could hardly read or write in English, Spanish and Tagalog or Pilipino.Lolo Mariano was
educated in the United States,(sorry, i don't know the dates) and then went back to Rosario to serve in the local government.
Today, there are Narcelleses all over the world but we still have a lot of relatives in Rosario La Union and the folks in town still know the family.
That's a short history of the Family. We'll update any additions as they come along. Your contributions would be most welcome. Thank You!

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